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Logo, branding, visual identity, UX, web design

SmartHotel360 is a fictitious smart hospitality company that showcases the future of connected travel through their mobile and desktop applications.

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Red Shirt Tour

Illustrations, branding

Red Shirt Tour is a free, code-first event where you can connect and learn from cloud experts from Microsoft and your local community. It's all about helping industry enthusiasts to become better developers by teaching skills to develop, deploy, and manage cloud applications..

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Design Desk

Branding, Marketing, Illustations

Design Desk serves as an in-house agency for Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise.


Azure Rebrand

Branding, Marketing, UX


Azure C+E Baseball Cards

Illustrations, branding

Azure C+E (Cloud and Enterprise) baseball sticker cards, used for promotional marketing materials for the department. Kiss cut sticker style.