SmartHotel360 is a fictitious smart hospitality company that showcases the future of connected travel through their mobile and desktop applications. I had the pleasure of creating the branding, look and feel, logo, and web campagin page for this project. It was presented at Microsoft Connect, where Scott Guthrie and many others speak about new apps that will have profound impacts on the world.



Sketching always helps with rapid prototyping for the logo designs. I started sketching along with creating a mood board, keep in mind the high technology profiles and user connection to the modern building and experience itself. 


The SmartHotel360 app keeps the same theme of the orange/sand/deep blue colors. All the images chosen for the app and web version were with the mindset of this luxury, modern, and user connected hotel experience, as well as keeping the colors and space in mind. Below is the first page of the web version of the app:


The SmartHotel360 was so successful that there is a campaign page on the Microsoft website I designed using Azure's web branding and guidelines.


The app was cross browser, mobile, and tablet sized and designed.

Asset 19-8.png